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Poison Centre:
Red Cross: 021 658 5227
Tygerberg: 021 931 6129
JHB: 011 642 2417
  011 488 3108

Do I need a prescription for an anti-biotic?
Yes, but remember there are natural anti-biotics available that can work just as well.

When must I go for a flu injection?
March – June. It is best to go before winter as it takes up to 6 weeks for the injection to take full effect.

What is normal body temperature and when is it a fever?
37.2°C (98.6°F) is normal
38°C and higher is a fever
A fever is usually an indication of infection or inflammation.

Is it good to take a multi-vitamin every day?
Due to the fact that we eat so much processed and refined food, we lack a lot of vitamins and minerals. Farmland soil is also leached and stripped of nutrients. It is always a good idea to stock up on supplements.

What can I do if someone has been poisoned?
See poison centre numbers or rush to your nearest hospital. Remember to take a sample of the product with you if possible. Do not make the patient vomit before a doctor has seen the patient.

Which medicine is safe to use when I am using Warfarin?
Most painkillers are not safe, however some can be used. Be particularly careful of flu medicines.
It is always best to ask your pharmacist to make sure, even when having a prescription filled.

Which medicine is safe to use during pregnancy?
Very few are safe, especially during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Before using any medicine during pregnancy, consult your pharmacist.

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